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We love our artists, and we think you do, too. Our actors, designers and directors combined have won more than 100 awards for artistic excellence. Cygnet has made a commitment to appropriately compensate these talented individuals, and for that, we need your help. Consider sponsoring an actor, designer, stage manager, director or a full cast today!

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Jordine Von Wantoch with sponsored actor Phil Johnson
Actors are often the most captivating aspect of any performance. For a few hours each night they portray characters who make us laugh and cry, and examine ourselves and the world around us. But most of us don’t think about the hours upon hours of rehearsal time spent to create these characters, to make them real. By supporting an Actor, you are helping Cygnet bring these wonderful storytellers to our stage.
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Lisa Capper & Jesse King
Donors since 2004

Designers work behind-the-scenes bringing to life fantastic sets, costumes, lighting, sound, and more. In collaboration with the director and other designers, they help establish the tone and style of a production. Designers must be creative, as well as practical about what works best to serve the production and the vision of the director. Whether a design dazzles or perfectly blends in, the process takes time, thought, and expertise. By supporting a Designer, you are helping us maintain the high production value that you've come to expect on the Cygnet stage.


Stage Managers hold the most overlooked, yet critical position in the theatre. They are the glue that holds a production together. From overseeing rehearsals to managing designers, actors, crew etc., Stage Managers are deeply involved throughout the process, ultimately ensuring that every performance runs smoothly, both onstage and off. By supporting a Stage Manager, you are helping the entire production process run like a well-oiled machine.

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Richard & Jane Haskel
Donors since 2009
Directors are the artistic visionary of each production. The Director works tirelessly to interpret the script, make artistic choices, and lead the rest of the team toward a cohesive product. By supporting a Director, you are helping us create fresh, unique, and relevant theatrical works of art.
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Larry & Sydney Cousins
Donors since 2004
Cast: Most productions have more than one actor, and these actors must diligently collaborate to create believable character interactions and relationships. By supporting a Cast, you are helping Cygnet bring an entire group of carefully selected talented actors to the stage.
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I have supported Cygnet since the beginning because I knew it was a midsize theatre with great potential to produce top quality, challenging work to enhance the theatre scene in San Diego. This has proven to be true.
- Jordine Von Wantoch
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