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A contribution to our General Fund allows Cygnet the flexibility to direct monies where they are most needed.  Whether your gift is used to pay for dry cleaning costumes or paying box office staff, for buying lumber to build the sets or ensuring that the lights stay on, your generosity will have an impact on all that we do.


Our Town


Ticket sales account for just 52% of our annual income.  We rely on donations from individuals – as well as grants from corporations, foundations and public support – to offset the difference. A donation today will provide the resources needed to continue producing thought-provoking plays and musicals that meet the highest artistic standards.


Operating Income


In just 10 seasons, Cygnet has become the most exciting mid-size theatre company in San Diego County. We have won more than 100 awards for artistic excellence and produced more than 30 local, regional and world premieres.


Our mission is to startle the soul, ignite debate and embrace the diversity of the community in which we serve through the dissection, examination and celebration of the human story through the medium of live theatre.


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I have supported Cygnet since the beginning because I knew it was a midsize theatre with great potential to produce top quality, challenging work to enhance the theatre scene in San Diego. This has proven to be true.
- Jordine Von Wantoch